All routine doctors’ surgeries are by appointment. Click the next tab above to read more about our online booking system.

You can make an appointment online (via this link), by calling in at reception or by telephoning during normal surgery hours.

We would like you to regard the doctor you normally see as your personal doctor, but you may see any other doctor if you wish, or if your usual doctor is unavailable.

When you need to see the doctor, you will be offered the next available appointment with the doctor of your choice, or the next routine appointment with any doctor.

The clinician you are seeing only knows you have arrived if you are marked as arrived on the system, so please ensure you have marked your arrival using our touch screen provided in the reception. It is easy and fast to use the touch screen. If you have any problems using it, please see the receptionist. We have provided a video demonstration of how easy it is to use the touch screen (below).


Online booking

To book online you will first need to register in person at the Practice, bringing a recognised form of photo-identity with you.  You will then be issued with a form giving the full address of the website you need to visit and your unique Username and password which allows you to book your appointments on-line.

You can book standard GP appointments using this service. You cannot book any special clinics online such as Minor Surgery, Coil and Implant fittings and removals – please call the surgery if you need to book one of these.
If you need longer than a standard appointment time with your doctor, please consider booking two CONSECUTIVE appointment slots to give yourself a “double appointment”. Only do this if you think you have complex issues that may need more of the doctor’s time than normal. The “Reason”  option is a prompt for the clinician to see at the time of the appointment.  it is not a messaging system.

If you are booking for a blood test, please  ensure you select the correct session type and enter the following in the “Reason” box – either:

  • “I have my own blood card/paperwork”     (if you have been asked to get a blood test by the hospital); or
  • enter the name of the GP/nurse who asked you to book the blood test

In cases of life-threatening emergency, please ring 999.

If you feel that your medical problem is urgent and needs to be dealt with the same day, please inform the receptionist who will arrange an urgent appointment if all our routine appointments for the day have been filled.  You will be offered the first available appointment in the Urgent Cases surgery. The doctor will see you for that problem only.  If you have other, non-urgent matters to discuss, please book an additional, routine appointment with your usual doctor. Only using this service for urgent problems will ensure that it runs efficiently and remains available to those in need of it.

While they will do their best to accommodate you with what resources they have been given, please don’t expect our receptionists always to be able to offer you a time that, while perhaps ideal for you, is a time that they simply do not have a doctor available.  If your need is genuinely urgent, we would expect that getting medical attention will be your priority rather than finding an appointment that fits around work, school or other engagements.

Home Visits

The vast majority of problems are most appropriately dealt with at the Health Centre, where we have the necessary equipment and support staff. Travelling to the surgery will not cause harm in most cases. Children with high temperatures are not made any worse by visiting the surgery, even on cold or wet days. Your doctor will visit you at home if you are bed-bound, seriously ill with certain conditions, or for some emergencies.

Should you feel that you require a home visit please telephone before 10.00am so that we can plan visits efficiently. Requests for visits received after 10.00am will be dealt with by the duty doctor that day.

Be prepared to give our receptionist the name and date of birth of the patient, full address and telephone number, and a brief indication of the nature and urgency of the problems which will help the doctors to deal with urgent visits promptly

If you believe someone is having a heart attack or stroke, ring 999 immediately.

Blood tests

We have limited blood clinics (phlebotomy) at Elmwood for which you can book appointments on the advice of  your GP or practice nurse.  Outside of these times, our health care assistants are able to offer some phlebotomy appointments in the mornings only.

Blood samples are collected by the laboratory courier service at 1:00 p.m. each day so we are unable to offer any afternoon appointments for phlebotomy.

If you cannot attend a morning appointment, or need an appointment before we can offer one, the Phlebotomy clinic at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary is open Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 4.45 pm  and ask patients to arrive no later than 4.15 pm.


If you are booking a blood test online, please  ensure you select the correct session type and enter the following in the “Reason” box – either:

  • “I have my own blood card/paperwork”     (if you have been asked to get a blood test by the hospital); or
  • enter the name of the GP/nurse who asked you to book the blood test
Nursing Team

When booking with the nurse or healthcare assistant you may be asked what type of appointment you require to enable the appropriate amount of time to be booked.

Non face to face appointments

When contacting the Practice with queries about medication, or questions about the further management of your illness, which require a “same day” response, our staff will take a message which will be sent to the duty doctor.  You will be contacted by the doctor who will discuss your needs with you and either give you advice on the telephone or ask you to come to surgery.