Seated weighing scales available to use at Meltham

In June, we held our quarterly Patient Participation Group (PPG) meeting and at this meeting one of our members, Claire, informed the practice that her daughter Alice, who uses a wheelchair, hadn’t been able to find anywhere that she could get weighed as she needs seated weighing scales. Claire asked if there was anything we could do about this.

A week later, Elmwood attended The Valleys Primary Care Network (PCN) monthly meeting, which is made up of six local GP practices and other health and social care organisations within Kirklees. Again, the people present at the meeting were unaware of any seated weighing scales available in the area, so The Valleys PCN kindly agreed to purchase the scales on behalf of patients in the Holme and Colne Valleys.

The seated weighing scales have now arrived and are available to use at Meltham Village Surgery. Alice visited the practice to try them out for the first time yesterday (20/07/22) and she was thrilled she is finally able to monitor her weight.

If you are a wheelchair user and would like to use the scales, please feel free to pop down to Meltham Village Surgery and ask a receptionist. If you require assistance moving from your chair to the scales, please bring someone with you.




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