Patient update on new annual review process for long-term health conditions

Dear Patients,
We are launching a new process for reviewing your Long Term Conditions, such as Diabetes, Heart conditions, Asthma and COPD. This will be in place for reviews from April 2022 onwards.
The new process is simplified to make it easier for you to know when your review is due and also to avoid multiple appointments if you have more than one long term condition which needs a review.
The annual review for all the long term conditions will be during your birth month. So if you were born in July, your annual review will be done in July. We will be sending SMS reminders to contact the surgery to book your review when your review is due. For anyone who doesn’t have a mobile or does not wish to have SMS/text reminders, we will contact you via telephone to book your review appointment.
Elmwood Family Doctors
Q. What are the benefits of the new system for patients?
All long term conditions will be reviewed at the same time, reducing the number of times you need to come to the surgery throughout the year. So hopefully it will save patients time attending their reviews.
It will be easier to remember when your annual review is due as it will be the same month as your Birthday unless you have a condition which needs more frequent review or blood tests.
Q. Why do we need to change the system?
Following the pandemic we have an uneven distribution of reviews. By changing to align with your birthday there will be an even distribution throughout the year which will improve access for both reviews and acute appointments in the future.
Q. What happens if I am usually away during my birth month?
If this is a one off holiday or short period you are going to be away, you can let us know via reception and we will invite you either before or after that period.
If you are always away during your birth month, then please let us know via reception and we would aim to move your reviews to a different month and you will be updated on which month to expect your annual review.
Q.I was busy and forgot to contact you following my invitation SMS / text, will you invite me again?
Yes, we will send you a reminder.
Q. What happens to my annual reviews if I am housebound and cannot attend?
If you are housebound then we would aim to do your annual review at a visit which will be planned and you will be informed by our reception team.
If you think a family member can help to bring you for your review appointment to surgery then please let us know and we can arrange the review in the surgery, using the new process
Q. I have joined the surgery recently but my birth month was earlier in the year, when will I be invited?
We invite all new patients for a new patient check after registration with us and you will be advised to book for your annual review at the check if you are due this year, then subsequent years it will revert to your birth month
Q. What happens to my repeat prescriptions with the change in annual review process?
All repeat prescriptions are reviewed annually by a prescribing clinician, so where appropriate your prescriptions will be authorised up to your birth month and once your annual review has been completed, the medication is updated for the next year as decided by the clinician.
Q. Will I still be able to order my prescriptions using online access / via the app?
Yes, there is no change in how you order your prescriptions currently
Q. I sometimes have my blood tests / review at the hospital, will that suffice for my annual review or do I still need to have these done at the surgery?
We don’t usually get your blood test results done at the hospital sent to the surgery. If you are invited and had tests or a review at the hospital recently, please let reception know and we can check if everything needed for your review was covered or not and if not then we would ask you to attend for your review. Please note, we can only access blood tests done at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS trust. We cannot access tests done at other hospitals.
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