The majority of work carried out by our clinical team is now being done on the telephone and with video consultations. This is to help the national response and hopefully reduce the spread of coronavirus.

We have moved to a “total triage” system for how you now request any treatment or advice. This is currently by telephoning the surgery. It will soon also include Econsult. Where you might be able to get advice online from your GP Surgery.

Following national guidance we are only seeing urgent and unwell patients at the practices that we can not safely treat over the phone. Due to the pandemic we are prioritising work that is urgent so we would ask you are understanding of the need for routine requests and how we support your chronic health complaints will be subject to changes and delays.

If you are attending the surgery for any reason, such as to pick up a prescription or to attend an appointment please wear a face mask / covering. We are unable to provide these so please ensure you have your own.

While we respond to coronavirus please follow the advice from our reception team.  There may be longer waits on the telephone and changes to usual procedures and services in the interim.