The Government have issued guidance that Med3 certificates are not required for those patients who are self-isolating due to Coronavirus (either because of symptoms or they live with someone who has symptoms and so cannot work).

You can obtain an Isolation note instead via the NHS 111 online website
using link;

Once a few questions are answered the isolation note will be emailed to you. If you don’t have an email you can have the note sent to a trusted friend or family member or directly to your employer. You can also use the online service to generate a note on behalf of someone else. As a reminder employees can still self certify for the first 7 days of absence. The isolation note then provides the information that your
employer requires as evidence of absence from work. Employers then use these to follow their sickness policies in place of a Med3 certificate.


If you have received a letter or text from the government advising you to self isolate then please forward a copy of it to your your employer as evidence and please do not call call the surgery for a letter or note. This will help us to continue responding to those patients who are currently unwell.